Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pink roses on yellow - round panel card

The recipe for this card spells the word TULIPS:

T is for the looped trim and also for texture.
U is for unusual item:  I embellished my round rose panel with a star that had fallen off from a scarf (pictured below)! So the letter U is also for used (in the sense of re-cycled) item.
L is for the loops in the punched trim, and also for the two silver leaf-shaped sequins, and for the lines I drew with a gold marker pen.
I is for the image and also for an item that has been re-cycled (which is an Easter egg packaging box - you can see part of the product picture in the previous post).
P is for pink roses and also for the pearls I used to embellish them with.
S is for the sentiment, and also for the sequins.

In Joan's Gardens Ch. 04-25-13;

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Pssequimages said...

Love your round mat for the beautiful roses.