Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Black and white sympathy card in lace curtain style

I cut a panel from lace fabric and added a lace trim underneath. Then I cut a narrow ribbon out of a roll of wide floristry ribbon and made a small bow.

I decorated the lace flowers with clear gem stones and the one above the bow with a piece of hair decoration. It's from a set that I have picked up for very little money, thinking that I would use this in crafting rather than for its intended purpose - they are little glitter glue stickers in the shape of a flower with a gem stone in the middle.

The product is kind of funny so I have added the picture to this post, along with the detail from my card. Somehow I'm not keen on decorating my hair with stickers - nor the idea of having to comb them all out afterwards - but some people obviously do...!

The recipe for this card spells the word TULIPS:
T is for the trim (under the panel) and also for texture
U is for an unusual item I used which is the hair accessory - see detail photo and product picture below
L is for lace
I is for an item that has been re-cycled (the fabric)
P is for the patterned panel
S is for the sentiment and also for sympathy

In Joan's Gardens Ch. 04-25-13

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Pssequimages said...

Love the card Agnes, how clever to use the hair stickons! Agreed--don't want them stuck in MY hair either. What was the AJG product you used? I didn't spot it