Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Cable flower ATC

... for Sian's hole themed swap on the DoCrafts website. Actually I made this ATC already yesterday, but it's either that or talking about the lovely stew I made today - it was tasty but just doesn't make a good headline ... so this is my excuse for changing the subject.

Unfortunately I didn't get much chance to show this ATC around as it had to be posted to arrive on time, so I just HAVE to sneak it into this blog to share it with you. It was so new I barely got a chance to say good bye before it went...

Do you know this effect when you take part in a hosted swap: You decide to make let's say two ATCs, start in good time and then end up almost being late by making another and yet another one - all because you are too chuffed with them to let them go just yet. This happens to me every time. I do find it quite hard to part from them for the first few weeks at least. Then I gradually notice their shortcomings, which makes it a bit easier... Should I feel guilty about that?

I know for some people it's just the other way round: they hate to send off anything that isn't perfect at least in their own eyes.

I bet you are as surprised as I am to find that there can be a moral side to our crafting hobby - if that's how you decide to look at it. I wonder what type of crafter you might be? If I ever find out how to include one of those mini surveys in my blog, I shall ask you about that...