Sunday, 31 May 2009

Golf birthday card

There is always a need for male birthday cards - here is one for a golf enthusiast.

The ribbon qualifies it for the 2RedBananas challenge.

Lace matted on gold

The heart used to be a pendant. I sawed it in two halves to reduce the weight and thickness and attached dangly hearts on gold wire together with a gauze bow. To complement the "gold on white" embellishment with a "white on gold" ribbon, I matted vintage lace on gold metallic card.

The ribbon qualifies my card for the 2RedBananas challenge.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wedding cake card

This wedding thank you card is relatively quick to make. The cake is from Scrapmagasinet. The idea for the background came from looking at my tray of scraps. I usually sort them by color but being short of one tray, I placed orange crosswise over the pinks - and then quite liked the combination, so I recreated this on my card. The flowers qualify it for the 2RedBananas challenge.

Gold background card

The leaf detail is cut out from flocked papers, I'm using them for the first time. I embellished the card with a detachable brooch. The flowers qualify it for the 2RedBananas challenge.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Pink cats

If you are seriously into pink, you like EVERYTHING to be pink, right? So why stop at cats, I said to myself...! It's another stamp from Scrapmagasinet, by the way.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Feeding you some sweets

Sorry, I haven't taken much time recently to post about blog candies. I'll better make up to you for that by feeding you some sweets now:

  • Jacqui is celebrating her hits until the 16th May
  • Dragonflytime has a lovely blog candy open until 18th May
  • The Shimmerz blog is offering blog candy until 19th May
  • My Paper Adventures is celebrating blogoversary with candy until the 19th May
  • Kristine is also offering interesting candy until 20th May
  • Aurora is celebrating her birthday with blog candy until 21st May
  • Debbie is celebrating her birthday with candy until 23th May
  • Denise's birthday blog candy until 24th May
  • Clare is celebrating several things at once with two candies until 23th May
  • Anne is offering candy in celebration of her 250 posts until the 25h May
  • El Sapone is offering some lovely soap (in German) until 26th May
  • Carly is celebrating her 30.000 hits until 6th June
  • The Next Level is a new challenge blog launching with blog candy (open until end of May)
  • Gayle is offering birthday candy until the end of May
  • Lorraine is offering lovely blog candy until 8th June
  • Emily's blog candy ends on the 16th June

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cat birthday card

This is my first birthday card for a cat lover. Expect to see more to come as I have bought quite a few of these ear rings with dangling cats. They are so easy to dismantle and recycle on cards, and of course I couldn't resist their sparkling eyes! In keeping with that, I placed the cat in front of a nighttime street (recycled from a post card).

Bow tie card

For a card with a twist, why not recycle an everyday item to decorate your card. This male birthday card features a silk bow tie that can be removed from the card and worn.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A few favourites from the past

... compiled to apply for design teams - wish me luck! It's been a difficult task to decide which projects to select, I just don't seem to have the necessary distance to choose among my own work. I always like my newest cards best... however, looking back in time, there are a few cards which I like almost as much as when I made them.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Presenting a necklace

I wanted to present this sea bird necklace in a unique context. It seems to integrate quite well into the lively photograph, which in turn becomes surreal through the embellishments.

The string of plastic pearls stays flexible since it is attached with a dot of glue at the ends and in the middle only. I should have taken a video to show the effect when you open the card: the pearl string deforms into a wave shape as the cardstock bends, then flattens out again.

Key fob with initial

The initial is a badge pierced through a piece of silver coloured leather which was part of an ear ring. It is now adorning a key ring on a chain.

These chains can be quite useful when you clip them to a loop on your jacket, your jeans or a bag handle. It saves you searching for your key in the depths of your hand bag, as you can just pull on the chain and voila, there it is!

Ornamental key fob

The dangling part of an ear ring seemed to be just solid enough to adorn a key chain instead!

Key fob Dolphins

I was lucky to find dolphins small enough - I had to dismantle a piece of belly button jewellery to decorate the ear ring meant to embellish the key fob!